3 Spring Design Ideas

Spring has officially arrived! Satisfy your urge to redesign by switching up your accessories – small changes can go a long way! Bring in pops of bright, happy colors such as coral and aqua with new accent pillows for your sofa or bed. Be sure to temper the color with plenty of white to keep the feeling light and fresh. Below are some of our favorite design ideas sure to spruce up your living room this spring.

1. Accent Pillows

Spring Design Ideas Pillows

My spouse and i restyle our pillows more regularly than Trump applies his spray tan. I’m actually not kidding. I move mine around or change pillows at least once a week. The Donald and I also could easily go orange-neck to orange-neck how many spray-tans we now have had. ALSO, to really hit the metaphor home, much like a bottle of spray tan for your body, a good pillow customization can completely refresh and renew your space. That takes simply no time, but you (and your space) will instantly feel pulled jointly, prettier and feel five pounds lighter These can be found on amazon here

2. The Small Things

Give you a bedside table, entry system, or coffee table new life with colorful accent pieces and geometric brass highlights.

Spring Design Ideas nik knacks

I almost always have a candle or two when I create these spaces.  I love the intimacy candlelight hold. These ones are by Kate Aspen: Check them out here

Spring Design Ideas Small Things

Coasters are another great small rendition you can pull off this spring. These gold ones by Renee Redesigns are bingin’. Check them out here.

3. Art

Include a print or two to your gallery wall, changing out moodier artwork for pieces with lighter color palettes.

Above: “Going for a Swim” by Whitney Deal